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Why should we hire Ryan reedy media?

My wife and I have a cinematic perspective for each moment that is passing by. We are able to see multiple perspectives in real time to capture what everyone around you sees and moments that many might not see. We are storytellers at heart. We are able to show the beauty of every detail of your day through a cinematic lens. 

Do you offer video and photo together?

Yes, we absolutely do. Our packages are split into videography and photography. 

How long are you going to be there for wedding day?

We believe that the media crew should always be there for any moment that could happen. We offer no time limits coverage for all of our packages. We will arrive early to capture rings, dress, venue, decor and plan our angles for the ceremony all the way to getting ready, first looks if you have them, pre ceremony, ceremony and reception. We will be there until send off for the day. 

How many packages do you have?

We have 3 packages for both videography and photography. We offer 1 Day, 2 Days and 3 Days packages. Wedding Day Only. 2 Days includes wedding day and your choice between rehearsal or an enagement day or a bridal day. Our 3 day package offers you wedding day, rehearsal and bridal or engagement day. 

How much does your work & time cost?

Our packages start at $2,200.